Email editor: You can now use a drag-and-drop editor to build and customize emails sent from a journey. You can add text, images, buttons, and more directly within the Attentive platform. Also included in the editor is the ability to add personalization macros or dynamic offers and adjust the layout and look/feel of all of your emails sent.


Looking for more information on how to use the Email Editor? See Design and edit email templates.

More journey types now support email: You can now add the Send email step to the new Journey types. Increase conversion rates across Journey types by orchestrating customers using SMS and email together.


Journeys that now include email support include:

  • Back in Stock: Set up restock alerts to recover lost revenue from interested shoppers.
  • Post-Purchase: Stay top of mind and inspire repeat purchases with targeted promotions.
  • Winback: Send timely AI-powered messages that re-engage your least active subscribers.

Please reach out to us at to get started with any (or all) of the new Journeys.

Dynamic offer (coupon) support: Dynamic offers (coupons) can now be included in emails you send to subscribers. You can create a new set of offers for your journey, or use an existing one.


To learn more about how to add dynamic codes to your messages, see Offers.

Subject line personalization: Make your subject lines more human by including personalization details in subject lines like subscriber and product names.


For more, see Add personalization to a template.

Create, save, and reuse row templates: Find yourself rebuilding the same row in multiple emails? Now, you can save a row in one email template, and use it across your entire range of email templates.


For more, see Design and edit email templates.