Back-in-stock journeys are triggered when a customer views a product multiple times (the number of views are set by you) that is currently out of stock. Customers will only be able to receive SMS and email notifications if they are subscribed to both channels. 

Keep in mind when a customer receives a back-in-stock notification, they might have been previously frustrated by not being able to purchase the product. Use this outreach as a chance to build credibility, try behavior such as:

  • Explaining why brand products sell out frequently
  • Offering an additional discount to customers to purchase the product
  • Utilizing clean & straightforward email copy, with a clear CTA on how to go about purchasing

Heads up: this article assumes that you're already familiar with the triggered email journeys step, as well as the basics of how Triggered email journeys work. Before you dive in here, you may want to review the following:

You should know

  • If you have browse, cart, or checkout abandonment journeys live at the same time, Attentive will automatically only reach out to the customer with the outreach targeted at the latest point of the customers’ journey. For example, subscribers will not receive a cart abandonment email if they start the checkout process.
  • Attentive enforces quiet hours for automated messages. If an automated SMS message is triggered during quiet hours, the delivery will be delayed until quiet hours are over. If you want to make adjustments to your quiet hours, you can do so in the Settings tab. To learn how, see Quiet Hours.

Best practices: back in stock journey that sends triggered emails

For back-in-stock journeys, we recommend sending a text message before you send emails. We’ve seen direct increases in conversion rates when SMS messages are sent within the first hour after a subscriber abandons a site. Then, branch against subscribers who have already added something to their cart, and send email messages to all other subscribers.

  1. After the Back in stock trigger, add a branch step.
    For this back in stock journey, we’ll use a branch step to send a text message to subscribers opted-in to texts, and send an email to subscribers who are only opted in to email. Branch on What channel(s) are active for the subscriber. Set Branch 1 for Email Only, and Branch 2 for Both Text + Email.
  2. In the Email Only branch, add a Send email step.
    Subject line suggestions:
    • The wait is over! {productName} is back!
    • Guess what’s back, back again?
  3. In the Text + Email branch, add a Send text message step. Don’t forget to include the name of and a link to the product!
  4. At the end of the journey map, add an End journey step.
  5. Click Turn on in the upper right corner. And you’re done! Your cart abandonment journey is now live.